August 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Singapore!

By Mindy Tan In Documentary Photography

It’s Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. A final lead-up to the celebrations of our city-state’s 50th Birthday – weekly fireworks and rehearsals, one could participate even if you have no tickets. Which other country will celebrate in such a grand way?


Major landmarks join in the spectacle, including the historic Fullerton Hotel, the former General Post office.

mt-NDP-preview-5A stunning and touching, light display across the Fullerton Hotel’s facade, across the very areas the ‘Apple tree’ once stood on Fullerton square, where lunctime speeches were made to rally coolies and migrants from all walks of life to convince them they all must fight for their voting rights and are not simply passing migrants looking for work in the at the light display across the Fullerton Hotel mt-NDP-preview-7Painting the town red with of the mobile column passing by the Capitol building. Various units of the nation’s defence system come togther to showcase its capabilities – from the land, air, and Navy’s protector USV – surreal to see these massive vehicles pass through townmt-NDP-preview-3mt-NDP-preview-15mt-NDP-preview-16mt-NDP-preview-2mt-NDP-preview-18In front of our iconic Merlion. Sang Nila Utama would have approved. 

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  1. Cassie December 29, 2016

    All the bright lights and colorful fireworks is tremendously a perfect shot. All your photos were simply stunning and impressive. If you don’t mind, what are the technical details applied in these brilliant photos? Like, what camera and lens did you use? I just love how the splash of lights are perfectly captured. Everything is flawless. Everything is just well documented and organized. I could just stare at these photos all night long and would never complain about it. Its vibrant colors are just splendid and lovely. Great shots, great photography skills. Keep it up.

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