Tanja & Tobi, a mountain-top wedding


Tanja & Tobi chose a very special location for their wedding – Haus Wiedenfelsen

It was formerly a youth hostel privileged to be perched on a mountain top, with fantastic views of a valley of Bühlertal, in Baden-Wurttemberg, and far enough to look into Strasborg in France on a clear day.  It is now converted into an events’ venue. Guests attending the wedding arrived Bühlertal from Frankfurt and all over Germany. They attended the church wedding right beside Tanja’s home, and the entire wedding party drove up to Haus Wiedenfelsen where guests could check into their allocated rooms and beds in the afternoon, then come downstairs to mingle and continue the reception. At pre-dawn, anyone tired and drunk from partying all night long can just crash upstairs. I’d imagine it to be quite a weekender’s vacation, apart from just attending the wedding itself, brilliant idea.

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