March 7, 2012

Bangkok Pre-Wedding

By Mindy Tan In TRAVEL

Other than Europe and Australia, this is my second time doing a Pre-Wedding shoot in South-East Asia, outside of Singapore and Sri Lanka. I would die to shoot a wedding in India!
I’ve never been a fan of gleaming skyscrapers, but a fanatic with all things old, rusty, faded, and just brimming with character – old people and wrinkles included. It just adds so much dimension to the portrayal of the passing of time, and for an understanding to how people have lived.
When Jordan and Stella first approached me to discuss a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangkok, I almost jumped. Imagine the traffic, the chaos against a white wedding gown! Swell.
We didn’t have a list of must-dos for this shoot, keeping to a fairly straightforward itinerary, and I’m glad Jordan and Stella were such easy travellers. We were stuck in various traffic jams though, the time we spent in the vehicle far outshines the time I’m actually clicking.
Images to share, and will be updated along the way.
Thanks for looking

Pensive Vs curious. There’s an honest beauty to shooting in South-East Asia, its everywhere you turn
oh sweet light… casting golden on the hair, and shadows in all the right places

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