Wedding day portraits with the 1973 MBG GT


I had already walked away from the first segment of the wedding shoot when M called me to say, “We forgot to take photos with the car!”

I thought… “what car? Oh… the bridal car!”

It was raining, the sky was a tad grey. We arranged to meet up again and perhaps grab a few more shots at the hotel’s sheltered carporch. The basement carpark maybe a bit of drab. Then it dawned on me – CHIJMES! Just around the corner of Carlton Hotel, where M and CY’s wedding lunch was held earlier.

I waited for the couple to turn in, and immediately, WOW! It’s a red 1965 MGB GT! This is gonna be so swell. I am a sucker for vintage cars, heritage cars, all those sexy curves and cute proportions. It was drizzling quite a bit so we had to do this really fast. I wasn’t thinking very much, just went with intuition, and went viral. CY felt slightly awkward, but M’s smiles and giggles really made a difference to the atmosphere and the pictures. All the elements perfectly blended together – the dull drizzles VS M’s smiles, the old GT against the backdrop of Chijmes, the red of the car and the red of the Chinese Kua, and the cobbled floor.

Amazing that the stranger in the background is wearing the Union Jack, same as the little plate on CY’s car!

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