On table-to-table group shots at wedding banquets


Every so often, couples ask if I do group shots. “It’s very important to my mother,” a bride-to-be said.
My answer, “Yes I do group shots.” And they ARE IMPORTANT! Weddings are family affairs, so these pictures are a must as part of the family album.

Many times, depending on the type of guests at the wedding, I cover a fair bit of group shots, (see below)

But often, I would be very honest with clients and tell them it’s a waste of money to pay me for 2 hours to take 30, 40, 50 table shots, documenting every face of the 500 people who showed up at the wedding. Lots of time is taken to stop 10 people from enjoying their food, gather them into two neat rows to say cheese in front of a messy, food-shrewn, dinner banquet table.
Compositionally, it can be terribly boring. Photojournalistically, there is little value in such a picture, and a lot less joy for the photographer. Honestly, how many couples take the time to send these table shots to all 500 of their guests?

So, I’d rather take group shots with people who are keen to take them, in smaller intimate groups, for an image something they would cherish, remember and keep.

These are group shots from two recent weddings:

At Keeseng and Daphne’s wedding at Villa HaliaGroup shots were the ‘finale’ of this weddingA group shot with the family, at Jervais and Michelle’s wedding banquet at Marriot HotelWith close friendsPosed group shot with carThe ladies with the bride.

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