Wedding of Chelsea & Hoa


Ever heard of the Flickr love story of Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace? Aaron, a photoshop expert in North Carolina and Rosie, then a 16-year-old photography enthusiast in the UK, found each other on Flickr and fell in love. Because they couldn’t meet, Aaron starting photoshoping Rosie into his photographs, as if they were appearing together in the same picture. Over Flickr, the two started photoshop projects creating surreal images of themselves together. Finally, one day, Rosie flew across the continent to meet Aaron. And as fairytale meets real life, they saw each other in person for the first time and were more sure than ever. Aaron and Rosie got together.

The story is even sweeter for Chelsea & Hoa, who also met through Flickr – they got married! Congratulations! Sweet, sweet, sweet, and how very romantic 🙂

I first met the both of them in London in Kensington. Told me of their story, then seeing them walk away in each other’s arms that lovely weekend morning after our meeting, brought me such joy.

When he’s not at work in London, Hoa’s also a photographer.  That turned on slight pressure, to photograph a photographer’s wedding. Hoa and Chelsea both flew in from London for their Solemnisation and wedding lunch with family and close friends.

Wedding Venue: Shangri-la Hotel Singapore, beside the pool at Waterfall Terrace

Chelsea’s make-up & Hair: Alina Ngern from Kenaris

Chelsea’s Wedding dress: Purchased in London, by Alfred Angelo

Received a lovely note from Hoa:

Hi Mindy, Just to let you know Chelsea showed me a few pictures last night. Excellent work, really!! I was suprised you managed to get soooooooo many pictures of us. Anyway I know you’re super busy but just wanted to say a big thank you for everything and especially allowing us to have the actual .jpg.
Beautiful work Mindy .. we were very right to ask you to do our wedding.
Let me know when you’re in london and if you ever need anything here, including help or an assistant on your shoots.
Again thank you, Hoa

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