Lover’s leap: Daphne and Keeseng’s Sri Lanka Pre-Wedding


Both love adventure and mountains. Both wanted to see Sri lanka – Daphne for the first time and Kee Seng, to relive his backpacking days.
The couple wanted to visit World’s End and Horton’s Plains, doing a little trek while posing for pictures. Since there wasn’t much written about these two seemingly magical places off what was already on Flickr, I agreed we could end up with some really awesome photos.
So we booked tickets to Nurawa Eliya, armed with a guidebook, hearts filled with anticipation, and Chan Sing (Kee Seng’s trusty brother), who would be everybody’s assistant.
It turned out to be my most challenging pre-wedding shoot – climb, trek, squat, stand, aim, focus, trigger, compose, carry two heavy cameras and lots of lenses, plus brave the rain and the cold all at the same time. Don’t believe lonely planet when they say “6 km trek on a guided footpath”. With a wedding gown and an avid photographer, the distance could triple.
But looking at the pictures and the couple’s happy faces, it’s more than worth it, especially when Kee Seng, himself a published landscape photographer, gives his nod of approval.

Daphne came up with the idea of wearing a sari, and the outfits turned out to be brilliantly coordinated against the environment.

Though we were scared stiff when it stormed the night before, the town turned out to be quaint, very local, and extremely charming. The people were warm, friendly and smiles surround. Portions of the colonial legacy were still obvious – British architecture, oil paintings of a very young prince Charles, and local dark-skinned hotel butlers who went by names like Mr Milton and Mr Myers, straight out of children’s storybooks.

Sri Lanka was an illustration – molds of hills bathing in sunlight, red futile earth, flowing rivers and streams, bright flowers, cute ponies, colourful clothes, happy smiling people, and carefree animals grazing the fields. Love, love love!

Here are some tea plantation and lunchtime shots =)

2 Responses
  • Daphne & Kee Seng
    July 16, 2010

    Thanks much to Mindy for her gorgeous shots of us!
    You captured the spirit of the trip perfectly.
    Looking forward to our actual day photos with you as well!

  • Loh Jian Hao
    July 16, 2010

    i heart the pictures!!!!! yingting, my econs buddy!!! u rock!

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