Berlin fashion shoots


Back to my sunny island Singapore, from cold Europe since Chinese New Year. Feels like a long time and was shocked to see the Marina IR near completion. The rate Singapore grows!

Since February, I’ve spent some time in London and Paris but mostly in Berlin. When my parents took a trip to Europe, we also made it to Dresden, where remnants of WWII can still be acutely witnessed, to Potsdam, a world heritage site and the quaint town of Werder Havel where spring is in full bloom.
All in all, lots of nature, fresh air and treats of cheeses.

But it ain’t all holiday!
I worked on producing a couple of shoots as part of my personal work, and was fortunate enough to put together a great (international!) team from Poland, Russia, Germany, Hongkong and Singapore.

Thank you Patrycja for travelling from Poland for our shoots and believing in the wonderful pictures.
Thank you Cathy for helping with all the liaison and ironing the clothes.
Thank you Maria, for enduring the tough shoot!
Most of all, to Madari, who helped in the recee and our transportation and was there in whenever help was needed.

A pleasure to present to you, pictures =)

The team:
Photography and post-production: Mindy Tan
Clothing design/Stylist: Cathy Cheung
Hair and make-up: Patrycja Helminiak
Model: Maria Kupreeva
Photo assistant: Madari Math Ly Haroun

Location: Berlin

Now, a second shoot.

Photography: Mindy Tan
Model: Julia Witthöff
Make-up and hair: Patrycja Helminiak
Clothes: Cathy Cheung
Photo Assistant: Madari

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