UP UP and away!


Onward to Hanoi tomorrow, later on to Bangkok, back for a shoot, then hopefully off to more places before more shoots. It’s been a fairly exciting travel period and I’m looking forward!
Create those opportunities if you want to travel, I say. Work to live, live to work and work to travel.
The latter being, of course, the most important. It can be done and must, I live only once!

Then, comes the packing.
I am standing in front of multiple camera bags of different sizes. How many lenses to carry? Flash? Which camera body? And a laptop, or travel light with just an iphone? Oooh, how about mini speakers for dancing in the hotel room, in case I need to, or in case there’s time to lounge by the pool?

Plus essential albeit peripheral items like batteries, battery charger, laptop charger, card reader, plug adaptor, external hard drive. All these add up.

My hand carry weighs a cow, but I always put on a good show in front of customs in case they check and realize my pack’s over 10kgs.

ok.. back to the marathon of more post-processing work before the trip/s!

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  • Trish
    November 25, 2009

    Hi Mindy, just stumbled across your blog and love your work! I’m from Sydney Australia and I think I share your love for travel (and photography haha). All the best, keep up the great work!

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