WPJA results – Two winning entries


The Wedding Photojournalist Association Q2 2009 contests results are out,
I cam away with two winning entries, unexpected and pleasantly surprised by the 2nd placing in Creative Portraits, and the wonderful review from the judges.

Thank you Don (the groom)! We found those waterguns in the boot of his car, long story cut short, we were actually looking for an umbrella.

CREATIVE PORTRAITS category, 2nd place:


JUDGES COMMENTS: Very nice! This was something unexpected and I really love that the photographer thought outside of the box to get this frame. It’s something unlike anything else I’ve seen in this competition, it’s unusual and it’s whimsical, which is really nice. It’s a refreshing break from the norm. It’s an image that stands out, and kudos to the photographer.

JUDGES COMMENTS: The photographer captured great expressions, body language and environment that work well with the water gun in the bride’s hand and flowers in the groom’s hand. I wonder who will be the boss in this family?

RING DETAILS category, 12th place:

20090709- 179

JUDGES COMMENTS: “The rings in the trees” photo can be a tough one to pull off, but this is darn near perfect. The composition, use of color and effective use of f-stop make the rings jump out at you even though they are quite small.

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  • Ruff
    October 31, 2009

    CONGRATS! The photos are stunning!!!!

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